Crampton Road | Russell Hewes

Crampton Road

Our experience with Russell and the team has been fantastic. From the first meeting it was very clear that Russell cares deeply about the projects he undertakes and that the team around him shares that passion.

They were incredibly respectful of the property which made living there while the work is done a lot easier. From setting up a fully functioning temporary kitchen to cleaning every day before the team left.

Communication was very good and the project manager as well as Russell was always readily available to field our questions and allay whatever concerns we had.

There were some unexpected twists and turns and without Russell’s involvement and the team’s focus on delivering the best possible work it could’ve been a very stressful few months.

The work was done on time, with great attention to detail and it was no hassle at all having the build team in the house throughout the project.

We would highly recommend Russell to anyone who will listen!

Well done Russell, and here’s to the next project!

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