Cost of rewiring a London house


Jun 25,2019



Many factors come into play when valuating the cost of rewiring a house in a big city such as London.

Below we have listed a few things to consider when booking your next electrician to rewire your home:

1. The overall size of the property - The cost of a full rewire is going to be considerably cheaper in a 1 bedroom terrace house compared to a 3 bedroom detached house.

2. The age and condition of the current wiring - If the wiring has not been replaced for 30 years or if the cables look worn, electrical rewiring should be carried out as soon as possible by a qualified electrician.

3. Rewiring jobs are more expensive in a central London house

4. Whether the house will be occupide or vacant whilst the rewiring is taking place - If you live in your property while the work is being done we will need to take extra precautions to ensure you remain safe whilst we work. Additional time is allocated for the electrician to manage dust and mess so that the property is left in a liveable state at the end of each day. The electrician must also approach the job in a more structured way which does not leave you without electricity for the duration of the project. If you choose to go down the vancant route this also means that you may have to consider living arrangements which could afect your costs.

5. Will you request that cables are hidden and chased into walls? The alternative is surface trunking which some people find displeasing to look at. There are other options now with advanced trunking systems that are much more aesthetically pleasing. Chasing the cables in is the most standard way but will increase the rewire cost.

The main reason for rewiring a house is due to out of date or faulty wiring. Anything from flickering/ dimming lights to breakers that trip reeatedly could be a potential fire risk soit is essential that if you spot a common fault that you get it tested and resolved quickly.

At Russell Hewes our team of electricians are NICEIC registered and carry out all types of domestic and commercial electrical work, from a new plug socket to a complete, or partial, rewiring of your property professionally and efficiently.

Any work on your electrical system must be carried out by a qualified electrician which is why it is important to make sure you are choosing an approved contractor to undertake your work.

Planning a house rewire in London? Our team of dedicated Electricians can assist you in all parts of the process so please do not hesitate to give us a call on 020 7441 3773.

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