Frequently asked questions to Electricians


Jun 30,2019



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Are you NICEIC approved?
Yes, we are an NICEIC approved contractor (National Inspection Council Electrical Installation).

Does RH carry out domestic, commercial and industrial work?
Absolutely, we carry out quality electrical work for a wide range of satisfied customers.

Can RH PAT test my portable appliances?
We can carry out your portable appliance testing (PAT) at a time and location to suit your business.

Can RH help us with our electrical fault?
Yes, our experienced and highly qualified electricians will have you up and running in no time, with minimal disruption.

We're building a new house, can you provide a full electrical design and installation service?
Yes, we provide a full electrical design and installation service, including flexible stage payments to suit your needs.

Are you Building Regs Part P registered?
Yes, we are registered under Part P of the Building Regulations. We regularly carry out work subject to the full Building Regulations.

What about underfloor heating?
Yes, we design and install underfloor heating systems. As part of your private property project or separately.

We're building a house extension, can RH install the new wiring?
We will work with you or your builder, providing a complete electrical service. Helping you with advice to save on energy bills and include the latest technology.

Does RH install new internal and external low energy LED lighting?
Yes, we can help with all your internal and external lighting needs. Including design advice and top quality light fittings.

Can RH help with re-wiring my entire property?
Yes, re-wiring is a good idea for safety and flexibility especially with period properties that haven't been updated for a while. Modern electrical regulations are a lot safer than previous standards and itís unlikely that a wiring job done, say thirty years ago, will have enough sockets to satisfy the amount of devices in use around the house today. Lighting has got more sophisticated too, with fewer people happy to rely on just a central light fitting in the ceiling in each room.

What could be causing my breaker to keep tripping when I use my toaster oven in the kitchen?
It may seem unlikely that a small appliance like a toaster oven could trip a breaker, but it's not all that uncommon with overloads. Your toaster is plugged into an outlet that is supported by the circuit that leads to the breaker. Using just one extra device can overload the circuit enough to trip the breaker.

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