5 mistakes to avoid when booking your next electrician


July 17,2019



1. Do your research, avoid hiring an incompetent electrician:

An experienced technician will be in a better position to handle even the most challenging tasks you throw at them. Along with experience, ability and professionalism are crucial factors that make a job a success. By working with an incompetent electrician, chances of errors and accidents increase.

To stay away from these and similar mistakes at Russell Hewes, our team of electricians are NICEIC registered and are also covered by the NICEIC platinum promise which guarantees that you will always receive the highest standard of work and commitment.

We carry out all types of domestic and commercial electrical work from small, time-sensitive improvement projects ie. Installation of a new plug socket. To new and large projects i.e. A complete, or partial, rewiring of a property. Our expertise helps us get the job done on time, within a budget, and as per your satisfaction.

2. Enquiring from an untrusted source:

Reviews from people who have previously used the service of your targeted electrician are a great way of establishing trust right from the beginning. Avoid hiring someone who has no verification or good reviews from others. Russell Hewes LTD is rated 9.77 on Checkatrade which is the industry standard for trade reviews.- you can view our previous client reviews. here

3. Trusting the cheapest electricians:

When looking for an electrician to work in their homes, most people choose the cheapest electricians as they try to save on the cost involved in the process. However, most of the cheapest electricians do not have the right credentials in terms of qualifications and experience. They might not offer you high-quality work, so it is better to avoid them. It makes more sense to pay a little more for high-quality and hassle free work that will last. Rather than paying less for a not so good job that you will probably end up having to re-do within a short space of time. A reputable electrician will charge a price that is reasonable meaning it is neither too low nor too high.

4. Not getting a quote from the electrician:

The most common mistake which people tend to make when hiring an electrician is not getting a quote before the work has begun. If the quote is not taken before hand, the electrician may ask for high prices. After the service and you will be left with no option but to pay that amount. We advise that you clarify the payment amount, and payment method beforehand, this way you can possibly minimize the chances of being overcharged. Email us for a quick quote.

5. Hiring electricians with no warranties:

This is a mistake you should avoid at all cost. When interviewing contractors, enquire if the contractor offers a warranty or guarantee policy. Electrical works can be risky and in the case of any accident, it may result in massive losses. Thus, there is need to work with an electrician with either a warranty or a guarantee. In addition to this, a guarantee is an indicator that the contractors are reputable and accredited to carry out such tasks.

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